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Cookies by Dessert Specialist are made with the same attention to flavor and artisan techniques that have made Dessert Specialist your premier specialty dessert company. Using only the finest ingredients we promise intensity and subtlety of flavor in every bite.  Our cookies are mixed by hand insuring the most tender texture your palate has every experienced.


Spritz are very similar to the old Italian butter cookie.  This is a cookie that is made with 100% real butter.  Hand mixing gives this confection a tender texture.  The raspberry filling is obvious.  The surprise comes from the lemon zest generously sprinkled through out each cookie.

Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

The name does not give justice to these Deep Dark Chocolate delights.  This cookie is made with deep dark cocoa powder, 76% dark chocolate, and tripled off with deep chunks of dark chocolate.  Each layer of chocolate melts in your mouth taking you deeper and deeper into to that place where only serious chocolate lovers dare to go.

The Real Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is it.  This chocolate chip cookie is loaded with pecans and real chocolate chips.  The layers of texture and flavors are a real treat.  The cookie just separates into little explosions of richness then the rich dark chocolate chips melt in your mouth.  Just when you think, “That cookie was amazing”, it leaves you with the nutty sweetness of pecans to savor.

Peanut Butter Cookies

This is the only thing better than eating a spoon of creamy peanut butter. Made with lots of rich creamy peanut butter, you may be tempted to put this cookie in between two pieces of bread.


Chocolate &
Wine Parings

Hand crafted chocolates created to match the flavor profile of the wine

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Corporate Gifting and Events

Make Sure Your Brand is "Front of Mind"

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Virtual Chocolatier Video Course

Learn how to make chocolate with 3 hours of video instruction

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