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Triple Chocolate Entremet

This rich dark chocolate, upon layers of dark chocolate cake, is designed for those that are serious about their chocolate. If that sounds like you, then check this out. We start off with a thin layer of chocolate short dough. This is covered with a thin layer of chocolate ganache flavored with Chambord. The next is a thin layer of chocolate cake soaked in Chambord simple syrup, then a layer of chocolate mousse. This is followed by another layer of chocolate cake and finally topped with a layer of chocolate mousse. We then pour a thin layer of dark chocolate ganache over the cake and decorate it with chocolate plaquettes and chocolate curls.

Keep it in the freezer until ready to enjoy. One hour before the experience, place it in the refrigerator. Using a sharp knife, cut the cake in half. Cut each half in half, giving you two quarter pieces. Each quarter can be cut into three. When cutting the cake, bring the knife towards you. If you bring the knife up, the chocolate mousse will soil the top of the cake. The best way to enjoy the cake is to run your fork from top to bottom and enjoy a small piece with all the layers at once.

Enjoy the journey!

Carrot Cake

This classic has been twisted to a more contemporary presentation. True to its classic origins the carrot cake is rich with carrot and cream cheese frosting. The cake is garnished with candied carrots and wrapped with a marbled chocolate band.


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