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The Mudslide

You are about to embark on a revolutionary dessert experience.  At Dessert Specialists, we are excited about creating unique and innovative dessert experiences for our customers.

The Mudslide is the first in our line of Adult Cakes.  Inspired by the drink, “The Mudslide,” which has Vodka, Baileys and Kahlua, this Adult Cake was born.

  • The bottom layer is Rice Krispies, Milk Chocolate and Pralinosa (Hazelnut Paste and Chocolate) spread into a thin layer.
  • The next layer is white chocolate ganache with Baileys’.
  • The third layer is a thin layer of chocolate cake infused with Kahlua.
  • Next we have a layer of smooth chocolate mousse flavored with coffee.
  • The top layer is Chantilly Cream brought to life with the finest Vodka.

For the most appropriate presentation, The Mudslide is wrapped in a marbled chocolate band.

Where you are about to go only Dessert Specialists can take you.  To get the maximum results, please abide by the following instructions- Enjoy!

Caramel Entremet

Entremet is a French term for cake.  An entremet is usually about two inches in height.  It is characterized by many thin layers.  Each layer is of a different texture.  Entremets are usually covered with a thin, shiny glaze and ornately decorated.

If you like caramel, than this is an experience you will enjoy.  The bottom layer is a milk chocolate crunch followed by a layer of thin caramel.  The third layer is chocolate cake soaked in rum. A smooth caramel mousse creates the fourth layer.  The fifth layer is a caramel cream then one more layer of caramel mousse is added.  This delightful work of art is covered with a thin layer of caramel glaze.  Finally, the caramel entremet is decorated with chocolate plaquettes on the outside and topped with a chocolate flower. Bon Appetit!


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