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Specialty Desserts

The Art of the Entremet


Entremet is the French term for cake.  Usually two inches in height, with multiple layers that offer a wide range of palate popping textures and flavors.

More than anything, the entremet represents the artisan. It uniquely personifies the craftsmanship of the pastry chef. It always starting with a concept, a flavor profile, and a design.  Next is the preparation and the organization, or the mise en place. All of the layers are made separate, each with their own special preparation requirements. Some layers are cooked, other baked, while  others are frozen.

Next step is to make the decor and the glaze.  Once all of the pieces are complete, the entremet is assembled and frozen over night.  When the glaze reaches the right temperature, the entremet is transformed into a work of art.

In preparation for tasting, the entremet is placed in the cooler in order for the flavors and texture to develop.

As your fork slides through the tip of the entremet and you capturing all layers of this work of culinary art, you know you are in for an unparalleled treat.





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