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Dark Chocolate And Red Wine: Healthy Decadence?

Thursday, January 3, 2013 @ 04:01 PM  posted by sadruddin

The health benefits of Dark Chocolate have long been known.  Columbus and Cortez both found the Aztecs and the Mayans drinking Dark Chocolate.The European Aristocracy kept the healthy dark chocolate drink secret for over a century.Now we know that dark chocolate contributes to heart health and many diseased related to aging.

Over 20 years ago Mike Wallace of Sixty Minutes, the award winning CBS documentary, aired a segment called The French Paradox.In this segment Mike Wallace asked the question,Why is the French who eat diets high in fat, have less incidence of heart disease when compared to their American counterpart?

The answer was Resveretrol.Resveretrol is a compound found in red wine that is believed to promote vascular hearth and longevity.Red Wine is a staple in the French diet giving the French the benefit of Resveretrol.In experiments on mice it was found that mice fed a regular diet of Resveretrol ran twice as long as mice not fed Resveretrol.Postmortem examinations of the mice show the mice on the Resveretrol rich diet had organs similar to highly trained athletes.

What do we get when we get these two foods together?Commonly it is called a Chocolate and Wine Pairing.A Normally this experience is view as a pleasurable dining experience.A Viewing a Chocolate and Wine Pairing as medicinal almost takes the fun out of it, but why can’t it be both.

While it may be too early to call Dark Chocolate and Red Wine miracle foods, the health value of these foods are undeniable.

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