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Club Chocolat

Welcome to Club Chocolat

There are those of us that must have our chocolate everyday. Some of us enjoy chocolate as the occasional indulgence.  Others enjoy the gift of giving and the joy it brings to others. Whatever your level of indulgence, let it be shameless. Welcome to the exclusive, Club Chocolat.

The love we share for chocolate is deeply personal, intense and intimate. By nature it is exclusive, like the love we share for no other. Few things in life are more mysterious and satisfying. 

Once a month members of Club Chocolat will received a special delivery of hand crafted chocolates and confections.

Join Club Chocolat and embark on a shameless experience of self-indulgence that promises to leave you anticipating the next encounter and satisfied at the same time. Whether for your personal journey into Chocolate Nirvana or the pleasure of offering unique and self-indulging gifts for special occasions, Membership in Club Chocolate is equivalent to dreaming in chocolate.

Levels of membership

Club Chocolat Membership

3-month membership for only $120

6-month membership for only $241

12-month membership for only $483


Chocolate &
Wine Parings

Hand crafted chocolates created to match the flavor profile of the wine

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Corporate Gifting and Events

Make Sure Your Brand is "Front of Mind"

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Virtual Chocolatier Video Course

Learn how to make chocolate with 3 hours of video instruction

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