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Chocolate & Wine Pairing

Chocolate and Wine Pairing
One of the most difficult things is creating a dining concept that is completely new and has never been done before. Dessert Specialists has developed a chocolate and wine pairing experience that is just that.

At the usual chocolate and wine pairing you simply drink red wine and eat pieces of dark chocolate. What could be better? Well, imagine this; each guest gets three glasses of wine, for instance a Rose’, a Syrah and a Cab. Dessert Specialists will hand craft three chocolates for each glass of wine to each perfectly matching the flavor profile of the particular wine.

For example, the Syrah has a black fruit and spice flavor profile. For this wine, Dessert Specialists will create three chocolates with three distinct ganach fillings to match the flavors. One may be a cherry, the second blackberry, and the third a bittersweet chocolate and black pepper.
After giving the Syrah a sniff, a swirl and taste, you taste the cherry chocolate. You then go back to the Syrah as the flavors elegantly build on each other dancing on your palate. You do this for each of the chocolate and wines in order.

The finale of the wine and chocolate pairing is the Mudslide and coffee. The Mudslide is the first in our Adult Cake line.  The Mudslide has Baileys’, Vodka and Kahlua. We’ve created this amazing, un-forgettable, five- layer multi-textured cake and incorporated these three liquors in the cake. The Mudslide is served with a cup of coffee with Kahlua.

This chocolate and wine pairing is truly a unique, innovative dining, and educational experience. This amazing experience works well for intimate groups of 6-10 to larger groups of 100 or more. The concept is versatile. We could start with a chocolate demonstration, move into the pairing, or opt for an easy going format where guest informally network or socialize.

To book a chocolate and wine pairing, please contact us or call 704 287 7430, to purchase now click HERE


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