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Chocolate: The Super Food

Sunday, January 20, 2013 @ 06:01 PM  posted by sadruddin

The health benefits of dark chocolate continue to be heralded by study after study.  The pile of scientific evidence is mountainous, I mean “BIG.”

As a result, the fruit of the cocoa tree, chocolate, is undergoing a re-branding. Chocolate now sits at the head of the table amongst the highest anti-oxidant super foods known to man.

All evidence indicates that an ounce of dark chocolate a day, sits side by side with the illustrious apple, you know, An apple a day..,” 

Scientist have isolated a powerful compound in dark chocolate called “Flavonoids.”  They give dark chocolate a “Super Hero” like ability to fight cardio-vascular and other diseases related to aging that would make Batman and Robin envious.

Our parents didn’t say, “Boy eat those flavonoids”, but flavonoids are why we should eat more fruits and vegetables.  Among other things these flavonoids act as anti-oxidants in our body.

Let’s first understand that oxidation is a natural process that takes place in the body.  Imagine this, take an apple, cut it into quarters and leave it on the counter.  Very soon that apple is going to turn brown because of its reaction to oxygen.

Well this is what happens in our bodies. Oxidation takes place as a result of the normal course of life, exposure to pollutants, cigarette smoke, etc.

Foods high in anti-oxidants like dark chocolate neutralize the process of oxidation, in effect preventing disease while promoting cellular health. Our parents were right, eat those flavonoids.

We now know dark chocolate has more anti-oxidants than red wine, tea and most fruits and vegetables.  While some may not be ready to hail dark chocolate as the new “Super Food” many argue that it is about time to take another look.

This series of five blogs will look deeper into chocolate as a Super Food and how it promotes cardio vascular health and other diseases related to aging.

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